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What is RegTech?

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Regulatory Technology (RegTech) encompasses any technological innovation that helps improve efficiency and transparency in regulation. It encompasses 4 Key Characteristics: Speed, Agility, Analytics & Integration. 

Often regarded as a subcategory of FinTech, RegTech places increased emphasis on regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance, making it ideal for the Financial Sector. However, despite its primary application in the Financial Industry, RegTech is quickly expanding across market sectors as an ever increasing number of firms begin to realise its merits in achieving and exceeding government mandated compliance standards.

RegTech Risk Management

Reports can be configured and generated quickly with no loss of quality

RegTech Risk Management

Cluttered and intertwined data sets can be organised through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Technology 

RegTech Risk Management

It offers short
timeframes to get the
solution up and

RegTech Risk Management

Analytic tools intelligently mine existing "big data" data sets and unlock their true potential 




RegTech Risk Management

Slashing costs

Driving down the cost of compliance through automation, simplification and standardisation of regulatory processes

RegTech Risk Management

Identify risk & issues

Assist firms to identify risks and issues through scenario analytics and horizon scanning for new regulations

RegTech Risk Management

Sustainable and scalable solutions

Utilise solutions to allow flexibility and growth to move away from rigid risk management systems

RegTech Risk Management

Link controls & frameworks

Allow controls and risk framework to be linked seamlessly as RegTech solutions work with enterprise-wide governance and risk platforms


RegTech Risk Management

Financial Institutions

Develop RegTech

strategy and 

roadmap and adopt solutions

RegTech Risk Management

RegTech Firms
Understanding of engagement between business and regulators to help develop solutions

RegTech Risk Management

Encourage dialogue and gather market views to promote innovation and create common 


RegTech Risk Management

Professional Services
Responsible for understanding the requirements and solutions in the ecosystem 


Fined $41 m by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insufficient monitoring for AML in 2017 and in 2016, fined $7.2bn by U.S. Department of Justice 

RegTech Risk Management

Spending on regulatory programmes and compliance rose 12% to $800m in the first three months of 2017 

RegTech Risk Management
RegTech Risk Management

Securities division fined $16.5 million for AML faults in 2016 

Fined $8.9 bn for violations in transaction sanctions in 2014

RegTech Risk Management
RegTech Risk Management

Fined $34.5m for failing to report details of trading in exchange traded derivatives 



RegTech Risk Management

$80 billion is currently spent on governance, compliance and risk, with the market expected to grow to $120 billion within five years.

RegTech Risk Management

Between 2009 and 2015, the fines and settlements amounted to $204 billion

RegTech Risk Management
RegTech Risk Management

On average, financial institutions have 15% of their staff dedicated to compliance

Compliance costs represented 3% of total expenses for banks with assets between $1-10 billion and 9% for banks with less than $100 million.  

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