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About Us

Revolutionize Reg with Tech

RegPac’s vision is to revolutionize regulatory compliance by combining state-of-the-art regulatory technologies with sustainable practices.


Using automation, blockchain, AI, and other available technology to boost efficiency, and reduce costs, while staying in line with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

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Ecosystem Builder

Co-innovating, developing, and accelerating RegTech and other emerging technologies in APAC and different parts of the world.


Sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience with our students, clients, and the RegTech ecosystem.

Business Enabler

Using solid connections, partners, and a proven marketing strategy to help accelerate your business.


Meet the Team

Mona Zoet

Founder & CEO of RegPac

Kaito png.png

Kaito Gino-Gino

Marketing Manager

alban PNG.png

Alban Salord

Senior Advisor

karlson PNG.png

Karlson Salva

Business Development Manager


Matt Maddocks

GRC Project Manager

sabrina PNG.png

Sabrina Abdullah

Operations Manager

Our Partners

  • Floyd DCosta

Floyd DCosta

Co-Founder of Blockchain Worx

  • Bruno Abrioux

Bruno Abrioux 

Founder and CEO of encognize G. K. (Japan)

Our Advisors

  • Koen Vanderhoydonk

Koen Vanderhoydonk

FinTech & RegTech Advisor

at DynaFin Consulting

  • Chionh Chye Kit

Chionh Chye Kit

Co-Founder & Managing Director of

Cynopsis Solutions

  • Simon Machell

Simon Machell

Chairman, Non Executive Director at Suncorp Group

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