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RegTech 101

Deep dive into all the latest RegTech development in the compliance industry.

An 8-hour interactive online training course carefully curated to help you get ahead of the game.

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Training Program Channel

Training Program Channel

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"Everything you need to know about RegTech in an interactive 8-hour online course."

Interactive online training course curated to help you learn the comprehensive teachings of the latest development in the compliance industry – Regulatory Technology.

Crafted by four of the world's leading industry experts, and aims at bringing together profound knowledge of the existing regulatory landscape as well as invaluable insights into the merits of regulatory technology in today’s increasingly regulated digital world.

Six expertly crafted modules on RegTech, focusing in-depth on its underlying technologies, concerns, barriers & facilitators of implementation, and case studies.

What to Expect

Understand what RegTech is, how it came about, and why it is useful


Gain a basic understanding of the main technologies underlying RegTech

Understand specific use cases of RegTech, and how it can be applied to your own business

Understand the concerns with RegTech and how to overcome them 



RegPac's Regtech 101 Training Program has been crafted by 4 worldwide industry experts.

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Mona Zoet

CEO of RegPac and founder of ThinkMola (a regulatory compliance consultancy firm) and President of the International RegTech Association.

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Hardesh Singh 

CEO and founder of RegTech firm RADICALi and Head of Group Compliance at Sembcorp industries.


Claudia Marcusson

Formerly Head of Risk Management at ING Investment Management, committee member of the Investment Management Association of Singapore, guest lecturer of Financial Technology at the National University of Singapore

Marc Ronez

Currently working as Chief Risk Strategist and Master Coach for the Asia Risk Management Institute (ARIMI) & former lecturer of executive programs at NUS, ESSEC & AALTO Business schools.


Giorgio, Shanghai

I think the course provides a good overview of RegTech, teaching the basic terminology for someone to get started in this sector.

Mathieu, London

The RegTech 101 training course was very interactive and gave me a great insight into how, what and why understanding and managing regulations is so important nowadays! As a novice to RegTech, the programme was easy to pick up and helped me familiarise with a completely new industry and concepts.

Natalie, Singapore

The training course covers most areas of RegTech and provides many examples of real applications. It also shows to what extent RegTech is set to evolve.

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