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As part of our goal to build the global RegTech ecosystem, we have developed a RegTech training course that serves as the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to learn about, or specialize in, Regulatory Technology.


The Course fits 6 modules into an intense 8 hours of training, taught by four world-leading experts in the Regulatory, Compliance and Risk industry.


It makes use of a combination of lectures, video content and quizzes to make for an interactive learning experience. 


Passing the course will earn you an official pass certificate.


Read more about our Training Program here.


Many start-ups wishing to enter the SE Asian market face challenges due to their insufficient market knowledge, sub-par network of partners, inefficient marketing strategies for entry and poor client identification. 

Our 6-week Acceleration Program guides start-ups' go-to market strategy and client acquisition in SE Asia. 

The Acceleration Program further contributes to our mission of "building a global RegTech ecosystem".

Read more about our Acceleration Program here.


Many aspects of Regulatory Technology are yet to be understood and/or adopted by many players in the market.


With greater regulatory volume and heightened scrutiny, industry challenges are becoming more acute and firms are increasingly looking to technology to help solve them

We launched RegPac webinars to incite cooperation and solution ideation in the RegTech industry helping to bring together great minds and companies

Read more about our RegPac Webinars here.


Our bespoke workshops leverage our experience and extensive network in the RegTech industry to help advise and provide solutions to your regulatory needs. 

Our workshops bring together stakeholders from across the ecosystem including RegTech vendors, regulatory practitioners and regulator representatives to create holistic solutions to your challenges. 

We organise these workshops and events on your behalf and you reap the rewards of greater exposure and knowledge regarding your specific pain points. 


Read more about our bespoke workshops here.


Our brand-new Vendor Management Advisory Platform (VMAP) is a platform like no other. Connecting RegTech Solution-Seekers with Solution-Providers on a global scale, the platform employs the latest technologies and complex algorithms to identify, assess, & rank solution providers. This assessment period helps to ensure that the most appropriate customers and clients are paired through the system. 


We define VMAP as a 'digital knowledge platform'. We share our knowledge and experience in the RegTech industry through our database with RegTech start-ups and partnerships with industry leaders and large incumbents.


VMAP thus provides a platform with a physical presence. 


Read more about VMAP here.

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