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RegPac Revolution executes Landmark Virtual RegTech Summit

RegPac Revolution, A Singapore based global Regulatory Technology (RegTech) ecosystem builder, accelerator, and risk management transformation platform, has just completed a massive full-day online event featuring experts across a range of industries and based all around the world, speaking live in RegPac's virtual RegTech Innovation summit.

Almost 40 speakers from a range of industries, and spread across four continents including Europe, North America, and regions such as the Middle East, all contributed their insights and perspectives to this revolutionary full-day virtual event about untapped potential of RegTech adoption within & beyond the financial industry. The event, organised and hosted by RegPac Revolution, was hosted live on Singapore Standard Time, saw speakers and attendees from all across the world dialling in to share and obtain valuable insights, opinions, knowledge, and experiences, with the event currently being believed to be amongst the first of such conferences ever in Asia for this industry, and undoubtedly up amongst the largest.

The event aimed at bringing together global Regulatory Technology (RegTech) communities and industry leaders, with the objective of establishing Singapore as an international RegTech hub, as well as spurring much needed dialogue into how companies can best choose and apply the right RegTech products and services to address their most prominent problem statements in the ever evolving environments within and beyond just the financial services industry.

The overall adoption of RegTech across a magnitude of industries is set to increase exponentially in the coming years, but despite this, it appears that many of the industries that need it most such as the Legal & Healthcare industries, have only seen glacial RegTech adoption rates at best, with much of this stemming from the concerns of adopting new tech over traditional tried and tested methods. This event attempted to address some of these concerns, with global industry experts and regulators participating to voice their opinions and offering practical, boots on the ground advice on the matter.

The 27th November full-day event commenced at 9:00am as scheduled, and ran non-stop through to 6:40pm that evening, with the speaker line-up including senior industry experts such as CEOs, CFOc, CCOs, as well as government regulators to provide rounded, interesting, and insightful discussions.

The main webinar portion of the event ran smoothly for the most part, hosting healthy conversation in the panel discussions, and yelling valuable insights & perspectives in the Fireside Chats, Presentations, and workshops.

Unlike a traditional webinar, which can be considered similar to a discussion in a lecture hall where attendees are expected to remain silent, this event also featured a number of virtual Networking Rooms and company Booths.

These 'Networking & Virtual Booths' ran concurrently to the main webinar at a separate zoom address, and afforded attendees the opportunity to meet, converse, and network, with other attendees, Speakers, and the RegPac team. The virtual 'rooms' often sported lively conversations between event attendees & speakers who hopped over directly following their session at the webinar.

Overall, it could be said that the Networking Rooms and Virtual Booths worked exactly as one would expect at a physical event, with hearty conversation being commonplace in these rooms, no matter the hour. The virtual booths also provided supporting companies of the event a platform to pitch and conduct product demonstrations, similar to a physical event.

Though there were some minor technical constraints and hiccups in the lead-up to the event, RegPac has taken these in its stride and chosen to see these as positive learning curves to improve and produce better events in the near future.

Following the event, the turnout and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with RegPac pledging to continue to build the global RegTech ecosystem, as well as organise & execute similar events in the near future. There are unconfirmed rumours that the next of such RegPac virtual RegTech conferences could take place as soon as summer of 2021.

"Stay tuned for 2021 as we eagerly look forward to organising similar events & continuing to build the global RegTech ecosystem"

We very much look forward to seeing what the coming years have to offer! But as we eagerly await the next of such virtual events, the full session recordings from this year's summit can now be found online free of charge in a playlist on the official RegPac YouTube channel linked here.


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