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The Importance of Education for Tech Innovation

There is a dangerous trend gaining more and more power within society. This trend revolves around a negative connotation towards the disruptive and innovative technologies, often depicted as a destructor of jobs, science-fiction super villain, and the actual belief that the machines will overcome the human race and rule the world. Far from the truth, these trends that are gaining power within society are nothing but a way of depicting our fear of the unknown, and serve as a mean of deterring a state of change which will inevitable arrive soon. When applied correctly, technology is in fact the human’s best ally, makes work easier, makes day-to-day activities have a bigger impact, and can increase human output productivity to a whole new other level.

However, in order to reach technologies’ full potential, humans need to undergo an important shift in education, look back to regain the eagerness to learn and engage in a proactive approach to understand, implement, and even promote the correct use of Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, Big Data etc. This is maybe a contributing factor to the negative connotation of technology development; apparently some of us are not up to putting in the work.

Jack Ma, the executive chairman and founder of Alibaba Group, put an emphasis on the importance lying on this shift in the education, highlighting that we must not prepare our children to compete with machines that are smarter, but rather give significant attention to the human qualities that distinct us from a programme; and teach how to complement and drive the machines’ development. He spoke clearly about the dangerous risk that not shifting education will mean in humanity, creating knowledge gap that would mean a significant decrease in economic and social development.

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