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Updates on our Online Training Program on RegTech

RegPac’s overall core initiative is to promote and help build the RegTech ecosystem. The young nature of the industry means that a huge part of our overall mission relies on education, imparting knowledge on the key underlying technologies that make RegTech so beneficial and valuable for financial institutions and other heavily regulated industry players.

It is because of this that we give a huge importance to our RegTech Training Course. How do you make sure individuals that fear and don’t have a technology background and therefore see it as a mere replacement of human labour, discover its true potential? Simple answer: Education. You help them see that technology is nothing without humans, and that it actually enhances the workplace and human capacity with its implementation.

RegTech is no longer an option, it’s a must - failure to embrace means failure to reduce costs and increase profits, so you need to prepare for it! This is why, during the Singapore FinTech Festival, we will be offering a whopping 30% discount on our RegTech Training Course!

A unique, one-time opportunity, to prepare yourself for the future in the regulatory space and the #digital age. Don’t wait join the #RegTech #Revolution for a ridiculously low price of $340sgd (down from $489sgd!). Education is the driver of all human developments, and RegTech is not an exception. #Blockchain, #ArtificialIntelligence, #BigData, #MachineLearning and more… All covered and de-constructed to learn how they impact compliance and regulatory procedures for companies and financial institutions.

In the words of The Godfather, we’re making you an offer you really can’t refuse….

In addition to this, we understand that the development and implementation of RegTech solutions operates across the world; and not only in English-speaking countries. Thus, after feeling the impact our English course has had upon release, we decided to start working on the first ever Spanish RegTech Online Course; seeking to expand our organisational reach and educational impact. This has now been finalised, and we are ecstatic to announce that it will be launched early November! Amigos and Amigas: don’t miss out!

However, this doesn’t end here… As a celebration of RegPac entering the Spanish-speaking demography we will also be offering an early bird discount of 20% for everyone wishing to get on the RegTech train before it is too late! Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to send us an email at info@regpac.comor contact us through twitter’s @RegPac_ESP for more information on release date and course curriculum.

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