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International Tech Connect

The International Tech Connect group was established last year to foster a wider collaboration between public/private Tech communities here in Singapore. Despite the just concerns surrounding the coronavirus, we were fortunate to co -organise the event with La French Tech Singapore - the first successful meet up this year.

Especially as almost all events have been cancelled or postponed, we were so proud that the Singapore tech community was keen to meet which resulted in a full house of over 200 people enthusiastically networking. There was no real agenda, just an informal happy hour for people to meet and greet, connect and exchange business opportunities in Singapore. There was a mix of like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals interested in tech and start-ups. We thought it was a great event for newbies to dive into the local tech scene and long timers to refresh ideas and contacts. 

We were lucky enough to both bump into old partners and friends and also be introduced to fresh faces looking to apply novel solutions in all sorts of industries. As a company working to partner RegTech solution providers with RegTech solution seekers, we had great conversations with our friends at the Dutch embassy and Spanish Innovation Agency and then also local and Australian Tech firms, Enterprise Ireland, along with many more. We met with a diverse range of people from various fields including an individual who was even working to implement AI to analyse data in chocolate factories to make your guilty pleasures even more indulgent!

Building on the success of this event, here at RegPac, we are planning on organising our own meet-up events again soon. This would specifically look to assemble the AI community in Singapore to ideate with the aim of helping to kindle lasting partnerships. Watch this space for more info.


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