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Digitisation is revitalising client on-boarding

On the 14th of November we wrapped up the day with an event with the collaboration from BASIS ID!

If you did not make it to the event, please find below the key insights discussed during the engaging panel discussion;

As an entrepreneur, you have to be systematic and not creative. Creativity is helpful at the beginning to improve some aspects of your business, but your attention should concentrate on improving the real pain, not something that already works. Be systematic to do your job better.

A component that begins to fade away as companies grow is that of having a close relationship with your clients. This persistency in assuring your solution is integrated seamlessly to your clients platform will increase customer satisfaction and your client’s capacity of growth. This is key, as the growth of your clientele will ultimately translate in your own growth as a provider.

Costs are the main reason for which FinTech is not taking the next major steps. The non-alignment of different regulations leads to a significant rise in cost for solution providers trying to comply with all standards. Good risk management should be cost effective, it should be considered a success measure.

The event would not have been as insightful and successful without your support. We would also like to extend our thanks to BASIS ID for collaborating with us to make this event possible as well as to all the panel members!


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