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Top 5 RegTechs to Look Out For in 2019!

Having been advocating on RegTech for over 2 years, we have developed an extensive understanding on what is rewarded within Regulatory Technology, and what key features do the solution providers’ need to display in order to be successful. A deep understanding on compliance challenges and issues; a constant innovative and disruptive approach, and a realistic approach to the benefits their solution can bring to the table. Increasing investment, financial institutions and large incumbents onboarding solutions and a great cross-country collaboration that has contributed to the development of the industry as a whole. And we have been lucky enough to form part of this journey!

2018 has been a great year for RegTech, and we’ve fought hard in our mission of increasing awareness and understanding of the underlying technologies that are revolutionising compliance and risk management areas. In RegTech, collaboration is always over competition, and during the past year a number of initiatives (watch our SFF highlight video down below) have put the RegTech image out there and lead the ecosystem towards a more defined strategical path for the upcoming years.

From RegPac, despite the year not even coming to an end, we have already identified the Top 5 RegTech’s to look out for in 2019, due to their commitment and expertise within the field. We are very excited for the times to come, and believe that if the hard-work, collaboration and innovation continues, the upcoming year will be the “explosion” of RegTech’s potential, so why not prepare for it? We have a RegTech Online Course that, with real-life case scenarios acting as practical use cases, provides the perfect introduction to anyone wanting to specialise on Regulatory Technology, a truly unique opportunity! We even display some of the companies listed below within the course… don’t miss out guys, enrol here!

They have a unique SaaS offering, that enables financial institutions and other large organizations to streamline regulatory change management through effective organization of internal policies, standards, procedures and controls. ClauseMatch provides a solution that incorporates the latest cloud computing technology that helps firms decrease costs exponentially, manage risks more effectively, improve approval processes and increase employee motivation and work ethics thoroughly. Already established in their local market (United Kingdom) ClauseMatch will be most probably build up on their global impact and continue to help decrease the overall cost of compliance and risk management. is a RegTech company based in Singapore. They combine deep regulatory and compliance expertise with smart use of functional technologies to offer seamless AML/CTF solutions. Having been awarded the MAS FinTech Award during the Singapore FinTech Festival week, the company is leading the SEA region in terms of recurring innovation, collaborative mentality and a deep understanding of the underlying compliance challenges.

Percipient is a data technology company founded in December 2014. The company helps enterprises integrate their data in-memory across both traditional and modern systems. Implementations of the company’s flagship UniConnect platform are underway in India and the US. Data from IoTs, blockchain and APIs are all managed effectively using UniConnect, all without the need to make yet another copy of the data. The leading data management solution provider, with impressive expansion and quick growth.

Apiax transforms complex regulations into digital compliance rules, which are constantly up-to-date and verified, accessible via an API. This instantly deals with one of the biggest regulatory challenges, which is to keep up with the increasingly fast-paced updates and changes to existing regulation. Again, they combine regulatory expertise and technology to offer a solution that enables firms to turn their compliance strategy into a long term competitive advantage.

Exiger, founded in 2000, provides a combination of world leading experts and cutting-edge technology to help prevent breaches, respond to risk, remediate issues and monitor activities. They display a ver dynamic strategy combining human expertise and technology efficiency and currently have offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Through a very defined strategy and a constant innovative and disruptive mindset, Exiger is set to have a great 2019.

And there it is guys! The five RegTechs that we see as market leaders for the upcoming 2019. The industry as a whole is doing a great job, and we are very humbled to have seen it grow and develop during the past two years. Still a lot to improve, but definitely on the right track.

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