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Roundtable with ClauseMatch

ClauseMatch is a RegTech company with a unique SaaS offering, that enables financial institutions to streamline regulatory change management through effective organization of internal policies, standards, procedures and controls. On the 15th, we conjointly conducted a roundtable through which we discussed, with senior compliance professionals from the financial services industry, the challenges evolving around risk management, regulatory reporting and policy management.

We had the privilege of hosting

Marc Ronez from Asia Risk Management Institute

Cory Roberson from Roberson Ventures

Jelte Waardenburg from Westpac

Nynke Postma from ING

Pauline Wray from Boston Consultancy Group

Steve Cumber from ANZ

Hardesh Singh from Radicali

Richard Carrick from Barclays

Konrad Richter from Oesterreichische National and

Danielle Jiang from MAS

The common consensus after the session was that through this very space, the need for constant collaboration, unity and continuous communication are the key actions which will lead both regulators and institutions to success and that these actions can help ease and avoid the current challenges.

Here is our event highlights video. Enjoy!

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