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ARiMI Risk Innovation Forum

On the 25th of October, the ARiMI Risk Innovation Forum 2018 brought together about 120 leaders and risk professionals from around Asia, creating a vibrant open forum for discussions.

Our Founder and CEO Mona Zoet participated in the panel "Technological Innovations and Disruptions", providing insightful comments and arguments as to what is to be expected in the future in terms of disruptive and innovative technologies. Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc. were all the center of attention, with a recurring question coming up.. "In terms of technological implementation; do I want to be a leader or a follower? At RegPac we know what we want to be, no need to repeat it! Mona spoke about the automatisation of mundane and monotonous tasks within the workspace, stating that "in the future, we will have machine colleagues as well as human colleagues". She put an emphasis on education and its importance for the human adaptation to this revolution. "It is key, and I don't see it happening at the fast pace of technological development. We need to keep up.". Other topics revolved about how IoT will enhance everything that surrounds us, with over a trillion devices by 2025; some arguing that it would result in a state of perfect knowledge. AI was described as a factor that would better and make the workplace more interesting and fun, only if humans were able to adapt.

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