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RegPac Revolution & C6 Intelligence Breakfast Event: Challenges and State of Art Solutions withi

On September 18th, we hosted C6 Intelligence, a leading global provider of information on both individuals and companies, enabling clients to take a risk based approach to managing fraud, money laundering, and staff compliance, at 80 Robinson Road, for their Breakfast Event. Through the event, we have explored the pain points in the FinCrime space on a global level, with an emphasis on SEA and Singapore.

The event started with a breakfast and networking session followed by a welcome speech from Christophe Barel, the APAC Managing Director or C6 Intelligence. Mona Zoet, our Founder & CEO then kicked off the session with her keynote on the Rise & Importance of RegTech. Mona started off by sharing some information about RegPac Revolution, and our initiatives. She then revealed some statistics to highlight the current challenges being faced through the regulatory compliance space and discussed the underlying factors. She specifically emphasized the effects of increased requirements, sophistication of financial crime and evolving risk environment. Mona finalized her speech by explaining how and to what extent RegTech could help ease and even avoid these challenges and passed the word to EY’s Forensic & Integrity Services Executive Director, Saket Bhartia.

Saket talked about Financial Crime & Compliance through his keynote. He based his speech on a well-structured research enhanced by the Global Fraud Survey conducted by EY once in every 2 years. He approached the topic from a corporate perspective and discussed what large companies are doing proactively and reactively to manage the FinCrime risk. He closed his keynote by sharing his insights on the future of compliance.

After Saket’s keynote, C6 Intelligence’s Managing Director Joel Lange started the interactive panel session at which we used an online voting system to be able to give our audience their say. RHTLaw Taylor Wessing’s Partner and Deputy Head of Private Wealth Practice:Benjamin Szeto, AlbaMD’s Founder: Ina Mackinnon, Stradegi’s Practice Head, Investment Risk & Operations: Claudia Marcusson and RUSI’s Research Fellow: Olivier Kraft were our high esteemed panellists. The panel mainly focused on the regulatory pain points of companies and challenges organizations face while adopting anti-bribery and corruption compliance programs. The discussions were structured upon the answers given by the audience. As our panellists were all specialized in different areas and therefore were able to approach the topic from various perspectives, it was a great knowledge and insight sharing opportunity.

After the panel, Olivier Kraft gave a RUSI presentation on targeting financial crime.

Olivier passed on to Nick Parfitt, C6 Intelligence’s Group Head of Market Planning. Nick then talked about Source of Funds/Wealth in depth, highlighting the regulatory guidelines to follow and key factors to consider while dealing with it.

We were honoured to welcome and host C6 Intelligence here at Singapore. We thank all of our speakers and attendees for being with us.

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