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Connecting Canadian and South-East Asian RegTech Ecosystems – RegTech Canada and RegPac Revolution s

RegTech Canada and Singapore based RegPac Revolution, have signed a co-operation agreement to collaborate on the development of cross-border Regulatory Technology initiatives.

For those who are not aware of this recent phenomenon, RegTech (or Regulatory Technology) is the application of technology in Regulation, Compliance and Supervision of regulated entities – an area where Canada and Singapore are both recognised as global leaders. A recent study demonstrated that firms in the financial sector spend between 10% and 15% of their annual revenues on regulatory compliance. As regulation becomes more complex, it becomes harder and harder to manage costs and human error will only increase. RegTech allows the companies to shift their focus to true differentiators, products and services, instead of spending millions on compliance.

Matt Elton, CEO of RegTech Canada explains, “Canada and Singapore, both being built upon strong regulation and the financial stability which comes from it, are perhaps, best placed to be able to take real benefit from the opportunities that a technology centric supervisory environment can provide. Canada has pursued a long-term strategy of investing in the development of the right skills which is now really paying off in having the right knowledge, the right environment, and the right timing to grow the sector for the benefit of Canada, and to create a valuable export market for Canadian technology. Working together with another respected global leader will allow us to make very tangible and rapid progress, both in knowledge sharing, and enabling market access for Canadian solutions in the South-East Asian market, and at the same time providing a means for firms from South-East Asia to bring their products to Canada.”

The objectives of the collaboration are to:

  • run an exchange visit between Singapore and Canada, to introduce RegTech companies into the Singapore/South East Asian market and vice-versa;

  • co-create guidelines allowing solutions to be tailored to the needs of the local market;

  • liaise with governments and regulators for trade missions and road-shows;

  • collaborate on specific themes and topics in the regulatory space for events, seminars and workshops;

  • facilitate cross-border knowledge exchange.

Beyond the initial activities, both parties are looking forward to further collaboration with each other in the form of joint projects, knowledge sharing, thought leadership and other relevant initiatives.

Mona Zoet, Founder of RegPac Revolution, elaborates, “This collaboration agreement between RegPac Revolution and RegTech Canada will provide tremendous incentives for both Countries. Singapore, the technology hub of South-East Asia, prides itself for the swift adoption of innovative solutions and forward thinking regulatory regime. The collaboration with Canada, a country strong in both finance and regulation as well, allows for even greater exchange in knowledge and expertise which enables the acceleration of the implementation of Regulation Technology solutions on both sides.”

Anna Velvet, Co-Founder and President at RegTech Canada concludes, “Canada prides itself on inclusion, collaboration and due diligence to protect their digital customers within the e-commerce globally. It is part of our innate culture and Singapore shares the same methodology - they are similar to Canada as they are investing in diverse talents and technology in order to deal with challenges in compliance. This collaboration will bring credibility and trust globally; collaboration benefits everyone in the compliance space as it will open doors to those that see RegTech as an added value as opposed to a burden.“

About RegTech Canada

At RegTech Canada, our mission is to develop the RegTech ecosystem in Canada. Our focus includes:

  • Develop and deliver a holistic strategy to evolve the tools and capabilities used for regulatory reporting. Enabling firms to take advantage of the speed and professionalism that RegTech delivers.

  • Perform market analysis, develop and execute go-to-market strategy for RegTech providers. We work with local companies who want to go global, and with international providers who are considering the Canadian market.

  • Provide consulting services to respond to regulatory, industry, and market structure changes. We deliver reports, market evaluation reporting, positioning, market analysis and execution plans.

  • Analyze the challenges to understand and define the underlying problem statement. We enable solutions to be created that add real value to regulators and regulated entities.

  • Providing world-class experts with extensive experience in their respective fields with a unique insight into the industry, as keynote speakers and advisors for select events.

  • Sharing knowledge through training, seminars, boot-camps and onsite workshops in order to take advantage of technology-centric regulation and compliance.

Find out more on our website at

About RegPac Revolution

RegPac Revolution’s mission is to be an end to end Global Regulation Technology (RegTech) Ecosystem Builder and Knowledge Sharing Platform. We have adopted the following approach to fulfil our mission statement:

  • We help early stage RegTech companies to enter into the Singaporean and SEA market via practical, entrepreneurial, regulatory advisory services.

  • We conduct extensive market research on industry specific trends, relevant topics and new cutting edge solutions.

  • We partner up with international organizations to exchange expertise and share knowledge to build a global RegTech ecosystem.

  • We provide a global directory of RegTech companies for our trusted members to try and test tangible solutions via our digital platform.

  • We provide bite sized, tailor-made workshops, seminars, thought leadership events to address relevant industry specific topics

  • We team up with industry specific developers to co-create tangible solutions that can be used in the financial services industry and beyond

For more information, visit our website at

Press Contacts

RegTech Canada

250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 Anna Velvet Telephone: + 1 416 628-2914 email:

RegPac Revolution

Mona Zoet Founder RegPac Revolution Mobile: +65 97232016 Website: Address: 80 Robinson Road, #08-01 Singapore, 068898


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