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Proudly provided by RegPac Revolution Singapore

"Everything you need to know about RegTech in a certificated, 8-hour online course."

RegTech 101 is an interactive online training course carefully curated to help you get ahead of the game through its comprehensive teachings of the latest development in the compliance industry – Regulatory Technology.


The 8-hour, certificated course has been crafted by five of the world's leading industry experts, and aims at bringing together profound knowledge of the existing regulatory landscape as well as invaluable insights into the merits of regulatory technology in today’s increasingly regulated digital world. The course features six expertly crafted modules on RegTech, focusing in depth on its underlying technologies, concerns, barriers & facilitators of implementation, and case studies, among other topics, with knowledge being assessed at each step through summary quizzes upon module completion, and ultimately, an overarching timed multiple-choice examination upon course completion.