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2020 RegTech Innovation Summit

RegPac Revolution is proud to be the organizer and host of RegTech Innovation Summit 2020. A full-day event of panels, workshops, and networking with a total of 30 RegTech experts and 40 participating organizations across the globe!

Welcome to RegPac's  Revolution's '2020 RegTech Innovation Summit'!


Through the event, we strive to inform individuals and organizations alike of the necessity of RegTech in today’s dynamic digital age, as well as explore some common barriers & facilitators of its implementation in our digital world. RegTech, whilst currently most prevalent in the Financial Industry, also has huge application potential in other highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, insurance, and law.


Join us in this virtual event to learn more about the future of compliance, discover how RegTech is revolutionizing the compliance industry, and how global digital transformation is paving the way towards more profitable and efficient societies.

The event will be curated and structured in manners to be both understandable to individuals both with and without extensive prior RegTech knowledge, but also be as accessible as possible to global audiences, with later afternoon (SGT) events being constructed to have a more APAC & EMEA approach.


The event will aim to explore some of the untapped potential applications of Regulatory Technology, but also provide an introduction into how companies can choose and apply the right RegTech services to address their problem statements.



UPDATE 27/11/20:


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