Global Risk Advisory Solution Provider (GRASP)

As RegPac Revolution, building a global RegTech ecosystem has always been a key part of our mission.


One of the biggest hurdles for our industry at the moment, is that solution providers lack the exposure, and reputation, that gives corporate and banking partners the assurance that investing in these products is indeed the right decision. Thus, as a way of continuing to build and promote the Regulatory Technology Industry as a whole, we decided to provide the bridge that connects the start-ups and solution providers with the corporate established sizable industry players.


RegPac Revolution presents the first ever digital knowledge platform, GRASP, which users will be able to connect to potential business partners - such as solution providers, investors, incumbents, accountants and many more - allowing for a more adequate development of the RegTech framework.


Bearing in mind the Global nature of RegTech, users will probably want to reach out to potential international partners/partner institutions, and that’s why we are currently working on the online platform which will eventually contain information on each and every chain of our global RegTech ecosystem.


See above our teaser, where we reveal important details and explain why it is so important for our industry to work as a whole on these kind of initiatives. The video highlights to you, our potential interested users, what you should be expecting from it, and how it will be of help to you.



GRASP will, of course, take a user-friendly approach whereby our customers will be able to search and connect through an array of different categories, as showcased below.

  • Data Management & Analytics

  • Robo Advisory

  • Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy

  • Client Identification & KYC

  • Monitoring

  • Fraud & AML

  • Risk Management

  • Regulatory Reporting

  • Others


This will, again, aid in creating a user-friendly platform whereby we will facilitate the connections and provide this bridge connecting solution providers and potential corporate partners. We have identified over 400 solutions throughout the globe, and are very excited to launch the digital platform!


Please email us at if you are interested to find out more details.

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