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RegPac provides tailored workshops & webinars to address relevant RegTech industry-specific topics.

2021 RegTech Summit

RegPac Revolution successfully hosted one of the biggest RegTech, FinTech, and AI events virtually with more than 50+ of the biggest names in the industry, attended by more than 200 attendees, and high-value and unlimited networking.


RegPac Revolution (RegPac) is an ecosystem builder, incubator and business accelerator in the Regulatory Technology (RegTech) space. Based in Singapore since 2017, we strive to co-innovate, develop and accelerate the Regulatory Technology industry through constant cross-industry collaboration with different stakeholders through our various services, as well as our brand new Vendor management advisory platform (VMAP).

Through these initiatives, RegPac promotes the underlying technologies that are revolutionising the compliance and risk management sectors.

​Regulation Technology or RegTech encompasses any technological innovation that helps improve efficiency and transparency in regulation for better compliance. It encompasses 4 Key Characteristics: Speed, Agility, Analytics & Integration.


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RegPac Revolution was founded and managed by innovator Mona Zoet with the ambition of revolutionising the regulatory landscape following the recent birth and rapid expansion of the RegTech industry across global markets.

Employing extensive experience from the financial industry within the legal, risk and compliance areas gained over an 18 year career, Mona created RegPac in 2016 to assist various actors in the RegTech industry in organising their activities, and facilitating better overall compliance. 
RegPac strives to grow the global RegTech ecosystem, pair the most appropriate solution providers & seekers, facilitate APAC market entry for international organisations, and assist in slashing compliance costs - Revolutionising regulation with tech.

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The tools of RegTech can be powerful when utilised effectively. Responding to recent circumstances, we have digitised many of our offerings so we may continue to educate organisations and individuals alike of RegTech's benefits, potential, & necessity in this new technological era.

RegTech Training 101 is a certified online training program which has been created to understand the context and the implications of RegTech in current industries.


Our Acceleration Program helps firms to integrate themselves into the SE Asian market by navigating through the RegTech Ecosystem.

Our Bespoke Workshops help advise and connect individuals to best approach and solve their challenges.

The Vendor Management Advisory Platform (VMAP) is the newest addition to our offerings. Employing state of the art algorithms and machine learning, the platform automatically ranks the best RegTech solution providers based off pre-defined criteria, pairing them with the most appropriate solution seekers to ensure optimum user satisfaction & achievement of objectives.

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With all the challenges and opportunities awaiting, RegTech has evolved, and ‘RegTech 2.0’ is now on the verge of exponential development, especially throughout the South-East Asia market.

Why is RegTech important right now?


With the unprecedented pace of digital transformation brought about by recent global circumstances, colossal amounts of new, cutting-edge technological solutions are being rolled out at greatly expedited rates. Despite the obvious merits new systems & tech offer in reducing friction in the fast paced modern world, they also come new, previously unexplored, challenges and drawbacks. As businesses rapidly deploy remote systems, criminals have been taking advantage of increased security vulnerabilities to steal data, cause disruption, and generate profits. In addition to this, the task of compliance is absolutely enormous, tedious, often low-skill, and simply not one that a human compliance officer can perform consistently efficiently & accurately without machine help.

As compliance gets increasingly difficult, many firms end up throwing more people and money at the problem but see little result and noncompliance costs continue to rise 


RegTech can change that - ensuring efficient, effective, and reliable regulatory compliance in this new digital age through automation of compliance processes allows for precious company resources to be redirected elsewhere for lower compliance costs. By automating these systems, skilled labour is freed from low-skill compliance tasks, and less funds have to be dedicated to maintaining compliance.

RegPac Revolution is set to continue to provide solutions to the different stakeholders in the RegTech industry in order to increase the market’s coordination and educate new actors that are continuously entering this new compliance era.

We at RegPac believe we are educators, in assisting businesses to understand their compliance requirements, as well as intermediaries, in building an ecosystem which enables businesses to evolve and adapt to unprecedented changes within this new digital era.

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