RegPac is an end to end Global Regulation Technology (RegTech) Ecosystem builder and Knowledge Sharing Platform.

We are a full stop ecosystem builder with a digital and physical presence and we strive to co create with like-minded professionals as well as collaborate with the financial services industry, government bodies and regulators alike to engage in multilateral and bilateral initiatives.

The Founder, Mona Zoet, has over 15 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry within the Legal, Risk and Compliance areas, specialising in AML and KYC.

She has worked for top tier Financial Institutions around the globe and has seen most of the banking landscape from a Local, Regional and International perspective, before setting up her own company ThinkMola, in Singapore. 


During her banking years, she became acutely aware of the Regulatory, Operational and Risk Management pain points faced by banks and other Financial Institutions alike and concluded that many of the same problems could be eliminated more effectively with the use of Regulation Technology (RegTech).


Moreover, after the Financial crisis of 2008, when FinTech came into play, she was convinced that RegTech would become instrumental for the future of Finance as a whole. Especially given the exponential increase of regulations leading to a tremendous increase in compliance costs and the decrease of business growth. 


As an expert in the regulatory and compliance field, she identified the ever growing gap between the need for more robust, effective, efficient, cheap and secure compliance solutions and the static traditional solutions that were out there (i.e.  getting more bodies in, silo practises, legacy systems etc). She started to think what if there was a way that Technology could actually help to streamline operational processes, automate manual dealings, however still be secure and trustworthy, cheap and flexible? RegTech promises all of the above and therefore will revolutionize the future of risk management and the regulatory regime. After identifying all the RegTech players on a global scale she published them via a digital platform and RegPac, the Global RegTech Ecosystem Builder and Knowledge Sharing Platform was born. 

Today, RegPac has evolved significantly and is still growing rapidly.

The focus is on Collaboration globally with G-G, B-B and R-R. 

“Our advisors have been selected carefully and are a tremendous source of expertise in this particular area, so we are very lucky and honoured that we can work together with such a great group of Industry specialists”, says Mona Zoet.


Same goes for our partners, with them we co-create, co-publish and co-organise.

Ecosystem Builder 

Corporate & Startup Exceleration

We help early stage RegTech companies to enter into the Singaporean and SEA market via practical, entrepreneurial, regulatory and lead generation services


Multi-lateral Engagement

We partner up with international organizations to foster relationships and exchange expertise and knowledge to build a global RegTech ecosystem

Bespoke Workshops

We provide Tailor-made workshops to address relevant industry specific topics

Digital Knowledge Platform

Knowledge Platform

We share our knowledge and experience in the RegTech industry through our database with RegTech startups and partnerships with Industry Leaders and large Incumbents 


We team up with industry specific developers to co-create tangible solutions for today’s RegTech problem statements 

Industry Research and Co-Publish

We conduct extensive research on market trends, industry wide relevant topics and new cutting edge solutions in the market.


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Mona Zoet

Founder & CEO of RegPac

Floyd DCosta


Co-Founder of Blockchain Worx

  • Floyd DCosta
  • Bruno Abrioux

Bruno Abrioux 


Independent Technology Business Consultant

Navin Suri


CEO of Percipient Partners

  • Navin Suri
  • Matthias Wang
  • Elke Biechele

Elke Biechele 


Seasoned Professional in Risk Management and Financial Crime



  • Michelle Katics

Michelle Katics 


CEO & Co-Founder of BankersLab & PortfolioQuest

Matt Elton


CEO of RegTech Canada 

CEO of Finnolux

  • Matt Elton

Anna Velvet


President of RegTech Canada

  • Anna Velvet

Radish Singh


Partner at Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Singapore

Cherie Ang

Business Development Analyst

  • Radish Singh
  • Cherie Ang
  • Chionh Chye Kit

Chionh Chye Kit


Co-Founder & Managing Director of

Cynopsis Solutions

Benjamin Chew

Business Development Analyst

  • Ben Chew

Matthias Wang

Business Development Analyst


The distributed system with smart contracts (using in-built algorithms) help identify and stop suspicious transactions.

The distributed system will allow financial institutions to securely parse data through an AML/TFML engine on the blockchain; with the automation providing high efficiency and ensuring minimum friction with reduced false positives.

The Immutable & Tamper-Proof logs are also stored securely on the Blockchain for current assessment and future analysis.


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